Is the Flow Hive real?

Lots of questions in yesterdays live stream.

Q. Do you need to pull a Flow Frame out to inspect it?

Cedar says: If you need to pull a flow frame out to check that it is all capped you certainly can we’ve made the Flow Frames removable but we’ve designed it to harvest straight out of the hive without actually having to take the hive apart to do so, the windows on the sides and the back here are very important and do enable you to get a good idea of when its capped and ready.

Q. How do you know what type of honey you are getting?

Cedar says: I think it’s come from the Macadamias which are down in the valley below here. It’s a little bit of a mixture though because we’ve got some redder tones with it as well. Macadamia wouldn’t have those red tones so it looks like there’s a little bit of the heath land Banksia mixed in with the Macadamia, to me sometimes you can really tell what flow it on because it’s so strong and you can go and smell the flowers and link that fragrance to the taste in in your jar.