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Is there a photographic reference of eggs/larvae by age?


I have found a ton of videos out there that show the life cycle of a bee from egg on in time lapse but they don’t reference how old the larvae are as they grow. I have been unsuccessful as of yet to really find a good reference guide using real photographs instead of drawings as to what a 1 day-8 day larvae look like. Has anyone seen such a thing?


There is a little bit on the teaser page here:


Interesting. Based on that I would say I have more like 7-8 day old larvae in my comb. They definitely filled out the bottom of the cell like the “old larvae”. The queen has been out 8 days as of today so it is conceivable that she started laying the same day she was released.


I guess she is a happy bunny… ermmm, happy queenie? :blush:


Here you are
The other thing to remember is that the often quoted, “eggs are standing up on day one and gradually fall so that they are flat in the cell on day three” is not really true.


Thanks @Dee. Mine were definitely 7 day old larvae based on those pics.


Here is a pic with newly drawn out comb with eggs and larvae.