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Is there a queen bee in my beehive if so what do I do next


I hope I am doing this correctly so here goes my long story.
I am a property manager at an apartment complex.
I had to call pest control to remove bees from the property.
Unfortunately his method of doing so is by killing the bees which
is what I am against. So I spoke with the pest control man and I sort of almost
cried and begged him to help me out so he said he would only because he
also would like to find a better solution other than killing them.
Anyway, so he was able to place the bees in a file box which we taped up really well
and I took home with me. I currently have the small bee colony in my back yard I think I may have
about 250 bees or around that many bees in a beehive that I bought. I want to know if anyone knows if there is anyone in South Texas that is able to help me out. I want to know if I do have a queen bee in the colony the bees are doing really well and well from the “research” I did on youtube there seem to be a queen in the hive only because they are not drying and because there is no loud buzzing inside of the actual hive. I have not opened up the beehive only because If there is a queen bee I want them to be relaxed as much as possible. If I may also add to this long story I don’t even have a bee suit if that’s the correct word to use. The bees are non aggressive I hope the hive thrives and becomes successful but I would just like to know if anyone could help me as far as telling me a little of what I need to on my end to get them to be a successful colony I would hate for them to die on me. If I need to get a queen bee could you guys also inform me on where I am able to purchase one. Thank you so much for taking the time in reading this and for helping me out.


Hello @Emilia, welcome to the Flow forum. You need to do something with those bees in a box today, or tomorrow at the latest, or they will die. I would suggest finding a local bee club and asking somebody to come and help. Meanwhile put the bees in the in the file box somewhere cool and shady, like a garage. Do not leave them in the sun.

The other choice is to search Google using your town/city name and “live bee removal”. You can tell the person your problem, and they will either take the bees away, or work out how to set them them up with your other hive.

I doubt very much that the other hive has only 250 bees in it. Even if it is just one box high, it will have at least 15,000 to 20,000 bees at this time of year.

Please, whatever you do, do it today. Your collected bees are at risk of dying very quickly.


Hi Emilia

If your hive only has 250 bees that is a very low population. You need to see if there is something wrong with that hive first such as disease, If they are healthy you could combine the bees you collected in the box with the bees in the hive.
As Dawn said you would be well advised to get in touch with your local bee keeping club. There dont seem to be any listed on the honeyflow site but google should be able to help you there.
Good luck with your bees.


Really thank you so much for your help. I just got home inspected the hive an no signs of a queen although I did see a bigger honey comb but it was empty like they are working on it type of thing.


I wish I was able to show you a picture the colony literally just fills up one side of the frame. Thank you for your help I saw no signs of a queen. It seems like the bees are working on one bigger honey comb hole though.


I doubt that a colony of 250 bees would survive, you need to as the others have said, get in touch with a local bee group and have someone from there assess what you have got, and how to help you best.
It seems you have an affinity with bees and this might be just the thing to get you started as a hobby and interest.
Welcome to the forum where you only need to ask for advise.


Thank you I have already contact someone who is close to my location. I really do appreciate all your advice. I really do love bees and it is exactly what I want to do it as a hobby. This is my first time on here and I hope to learn the ropes quickly. Again thank you for advising me like the others on here.


On the positive side with your bees. If they have a chance it is spring for you so you have plenty of time to build them up for winter. You may not get honey this year but if they can go into winter well you should be set for next year.


This is exactly what I needed. I understand that it will not be easy but I am so ready for a challenge. I do hope and pray that I will have success this year. Thank you.


Beekeeping is not hard. There is a lot to learn but there is always someone out there who will be willing to teach you. You just need to find them :slight_smile:


I’ve been told. Thanks again I will keep an eye out. :blush:


If the bees have enough honey to get over the next winter then class that as a success. The following summer is when they will make some extra for you as well.