Just downloaded 3kgs of honey

So after a slow start but a great summer / Autumn I finally tapped the flow hive. I did an inspection this morning and the middle frames were chokas. So rather that keep disturbing the bees I waited till this afternoon and I filled 4.5 jars with some pure gold. It weighed in at nearly 4kgs for one frame. I’ll leave the rest till spring. I think we might be finally getting a cold snap. I caught a swam back in September and they have worked hard and grown and grown. Should I be thinking of a second brood box come spring? I’ve had to battle beetles, moths etc. When I saw the post about a bear attack on a hive. I decided Australia is a pretty cool place to raise bees.


I had to laugh when I read your title - it would be just brilliant to download honey! :smile: Did your keyboard get sticky?

Nice photo, glad it went well. Congratulations on the yield - awesome!

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Where are you located? If its a cool area you now have a hive with a single broodbox and a honey super above with a QE. Going into winter this can cause problems. If the bees go up into the super after food they will leave the queen behind.

Again, where are you, as advice can be very climate specific.


Looking at his black recycle bin, he’s from The Shoalhaven area which is about 150km south of Sydney, Australia

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Central coast is 60-100kms north of Sydney. Quite mild generally depending on the microclimate. I’ve lived on the central coast for 12 years and am close to the ocean so have never had a frost, does not snow etc. Its not uncommon to have sunny 20degree days in the middle of winter. We dont have a long or taxing winter.

For the record and I know I emailed you so you have seen this before.I’m on the Central Coast and the black bin was from the shoal-haven. It made a great ant moat. I’m happy for you to have a look anytime you like.
I caught the swarm in Kincumber last September. They have been building up and the honey flow has been awesome. When I cracked the flow-frame I was expecting a slow release of honey. Nope within a minute I was in the kitchen getting all the jars. 3.5KG’s from one flow frame. There are two more ready to go and plenty left for girls for our winter. We will barley see the last flowers drop as the new buds are opening.
It’s a great place to live.

Hi Harry, Just a few questions; A few Questions:

  1. Which is better for the flow hive? To purchase an 8 x frame hive or a NUC?
    Confused, any advice please.
  2. Is the Flow Hive meant to be on a slight tilt?
  3. Any one on the Central Coast, eg, Budgiewoi / Toukley area I’m able to see what it’s meant to be set up please.
    Maria 0410645583