Langstroth to Flow Hive swap

In this livestream, Cedar covers a topic we get lots of questions about - how to transfer a colony from a Langstroth to a Flow Hive.

The colony is a new swarm that is a bit weak, so Cedar does an educational brood inspection as he transfers the them into the Flow Hive, asking your livestream questions as he goes!

Transcript available on request.

Let us know if you found this livestream useful - have you ever had a weak colony at the beginning, and were you able to nurse it into full health?
We hope so, or if not, you’ll be able to in the future thanks to the tips Cedar gave in this video.

does it harm the bees when you look in the widows every day to learn

No, it doesn’t harm the bees in the slightest. The only harm might be if you get stung :slight_smile: ,which is always a possibility, seeing as the entrance is relatively close to the window, & the CO2 you exhale triggers bees defensive mechanisms.

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so my bees have swarmed 3 times in the last 6 months and my freind says that I look into the windows to much could this be true

Absolutely not true Barry. Bees swarm because it’s the natural thing to do. Swarming is how bees reproduce. Your friend obviously means well. You’re better off by spending time learning “bee culture”.
There IS a lot to learn. Learning about swarming & how to work with the bees, so that you can prevent it from happening (in the majority of cases}, is a good place to start.

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Thank you for that I am sure that the more that I ask questions etc the more I will learn I think someone said you ask a lot of questions and then take what you want from them so that is what i am doing again you have been a great help to my further education on the bee world