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Leaking from adjacent flow frames during extraction


I’d like to know if anybody has had similar and what they think know is happening.
I have 4 flow frames.
In the photo, I’m extracting from the left most for the first time.
The 2 adjacent frames have each been extracted once. (The right most is virgin).
During extracting from the leftmost frame, the 2 adjacent ones both had a leak of honey (you can see it welling up against the round plugs - the right tube is draining the leaked honey).
The four frames only contact each other by the very ends.
I’m confused as to how they have leaked and I’m sure it has happened only as I was extracting (rather than happening slowly since initial extraction).


I seem to also remember when extracting from the previous frame 2-3 weeks earlier that a load of honey went pouring between the extracting frame and the adjacent one (flooding the brood section below).
Possibly wax caps tearing and leaking out there instead of inwards?
Has anyone had this happen also?


I haven’t. I’m intrigued. I think I would put a tap on the one in the middle though, whatever the cause.


Also check out the tiny drain by the plug and make sure that it isn’t blocked. That honey should be draining out


Can the bees get down there to clean that up?


Hi Chris,
There was a similar issue a short time ago by another Flow hive user, Cedar got involved and offered an explanation, see the post below. You may or may not be having the same problem, it just maybe that the bees have not sealed the Flow cells with adequate wax.


Thanks Rodrerick,
I guess time will tell. I’ve had a couple of suggestions via that unofficial Facebook group for Australian Flow Hive users. Thanks for putting me on to this forum page!


Thanks, Sara.
One drain had been blocked by propolis, but the two emptied frames were clear. I have thought recently that I tilted the hive further before extracting. so perhaps a small level of remnant honey in the base of the frames was pushed to the plug end making it look more full.