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Let's see them spring time bees!

Let’s see some bees


I hate to be the one to break the bad news to you Donald but to help you out I have to say what I see.
Your frames in the hive are not shoulder to shoulder and so you have a frame of wonky comb having been built by the bees and that will be an issue when it comes time to extract the honey from it.
Have a look at this frame of capped honey ready for extracting and apart from the bees on the frame in your pic you should also see a very obvious difference. Please don’t take offense I’m just passing on advice to help.
You need to join a local bee group and ask for help and soak up the advice as your bees have made a mess of that frame.


Hey Don! That’s some crazy comb you’ve got there.


No offence taken man I’m still new at this, but that frames actually from a brood box that they are still working on so im not too worried about the comb, n that’s a nice frame of honey that you got there! I’ll eventually get to that stage when they fill the supers.

Hi Don, I agree with @Peter48 & Eva, you really don’t want combs like that in the brood box. What you want is one comb per frame. Also you want it to fit within the confines of the wooden frame. You can achieve that by properly fitting wax foundation to the frames.

I say “properly fitted” because I’ve seen some messes bees make on poorly fitted wax foundation.

I recommend to evenly space the frames so as to avoid what’s happening with that frame you’re holding up.


I’ll agree that the cross combing is messy n I’ll be fixing that tommorow


Well done Don. It’s good to nip that in the bud sooner rather than later. It makes the job so much easier.