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Lost my Queenbee


I have a nuc in an old broodbox from local beekeeper. it’s already three months… today I want to move them into my new Flowhive brood box. but today after inspection… here the bad news… I can’t find the Queen bee… (I recheck it again and again till I’m sure…)

What should I do now?

Please Help


Look for capped, uncapped brood and eggs. If they are there, you still have a queen. Queens are hard to find, even if they are marked with a dot of colour on their thorax. If you can find eggs, you have had a queen in the last 3 days. If uncapped larvae, she has been there in the last week. Capped larvae and she was around 8 to 21 days ago. So the best thing to find is eggs, then you know she is still there.

If you don’t know what to look for, perhaps you can post some photos of the frames, and we can try to help. :wink:


ok… thank you Dawn… I’ll check it in the morning… actually I cant sleep
bcause of it. lol


Looks like you said on other post about this that you found larvae, so she is probably in there. If you used a smoker, queen bees run faster than all of the others to hide from smoke. I think your bees will be just fine. :blush:


the queen is in the house yo😁

thanks for the advice…

another question…

is there any alternative/replacement for queen excluder? because I bought
many flow full 7 frame and the queen excluder is not included. so…
do you have suggestion?


just get an excluder to fit your brood box…a Langstroth one.
If you are putting a nuc into a Flow brood box it is too early to be putting the super frames on. Wait till all the frames in your new brood box are drawn out and covered in bees and brood…THEN put your super on