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Make sure to use queen excluder!


As the topic states, USE IT! I went to have a look at the progress of the bees “repairing” the flow comb. They are indeed doing that and the queen is LAYING in them. I got her back into hive and put excluder. Looks like it will be 21 days before they are usable for honey lol


Yeah, you might be waiting 25 days because I’m guessing they could be drones. When the time comes you might have to lift the honey super up or take the cover off so they can escape.


Yeah I saw some other reports on the forums so I plan to use mine! Thanks for the warning though as I hope everyone see’s this!


Oh well, you live and learn Brad. Thanks for posting as its important for us all to learn from this.


Plus he will have bee larva poo and cocoons in his Flow honey… Oh wait, that is a whole different thread!!! :smiling_imp:


I agree Dawn, it’ll probably add to the flavor.


Only if he crushes and strains the plastic frames


Well I hope they will clean their cells after they hatch! The good part is that I have bees on the flow frames now and quite a few. I will have a look this weekend if weather hold up to see how many she actually laid. It was close to dusk and just glancing I saw a LOT on just the side she was working. I am thinking at least 3 frames worth of bees.

On a side note, I am a bit frazzled with how the weather is going. I was hoping for a gentle progression into my second spring. Did I get this? Nope! A REALLY mild winter. The queens have been laying since January and apple hasn’t even bloomed yet. The plus is they worked red maple hard. I would guess at least two full 8 frame mediums of nectar. I am only feeding the split and my small hive. I have already had to split one hive and it looks like I will be doing the same with my strongest hive. I am way short on equipment. It is not the end of the world situation, but I would hate to have a swarm.

Lessons learned?
Honey flow on too early maybe without queen excluder.

Next year, may need to make more equipment or downsize the hives a bit more going into winter.


oh Dawn… what are you going to do with you… :joy:


They won’t remove the cocoons :frowning:
I don’t suppose it will be too difficult to get them clean when they come off for the winter though


What! As well as the bee phlegm, spit and vomit? :stuck_out_tongue: