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Merging hives: Weakest or strongest?


Dear all,

When deciding to merge a weak hive, which makes more sense: merging it with a booming hive or merging it with a ‘quiet’ hive?

I had one queenless, weak (few bees) hive, one ‘quiet’ hive (steady but not booming activity) and one booming hive. I merged the weak queenless with the strongest, figuring the strongest would ‘set the other one right’ faster.

Now I’m wondering if, in fact, I should’ve merged it with the less active one instead?



Tai sao ? (In Vn “why” ?)… What is your thots or rational for the questioning what you did ? I guessing if both are queened, doing well, but robust or not robust you queen less orphans will be I absorbed soon n at home.

You think just maybe the extra bees might have revved up the slower ? Hmm… Maybe … Maybe not. Watch, observe, take notes n maybe do different next time.

I did a split earlier this summer n for some reason mine never did take off … I think the queen croaked or whatever … Never could get a extra frame of brood to requeen … So double layered a Vn Newpaper … (Doubt the bees could read Tiếng Viet or care) but they are back together n progressing nicely. Nice Happy Camper … I think adding it to the parent hive again/as well as weaker hive was the best bang for my buck … But not totally sure … Here is my thriving Birch Hive today …

. I think in this business/hobby sometimes we know right away if a call was best, some others … Who knows… maybe never KNOW. As long as your queen less group are okay … It was a good choice ! :wink::+1:.

That’s my 2 cents rational,

Gerald …


You did the right thing. Two weak hives won’t make a strong one.


Thanks guys! Truly appreciated!!!