Metal Queen Excluders

I noticed awhile back some guys were talking about QX and said that they buy them for folks down the Gold Coast , I would like to try one as the other day I was taking off the flow super and all the brood frames were stuck to the plastic QX . Not a nice thing to happen to a Newbie I can tell you , Never seen so many bees in my life ,I learned a very important thing that day , .
So if any one can put me onto a place we’re I can buy a metal QX I’d be very appreciative.
Regards Dicey

Welcome. I can’t give you a local supplier as I’m in the wrong State, someone will pipe up no doubt.

I prefer metal Qx, the girls will still build comb onto the metal. You still need to be gentle to make sure you don’t bend it.

Hi Jack, I’m in Brisbane a bought my metalQX from quality beekeeping supplies in Sumner.

Hi ,Thanks for the answer here , Where in Sumner did you get the QX please , Jack.

You can buy a metal queen excluder all year round, not just summer, from any beekeeping store in Ozstralia. Did you you try google?

Hi ,MatV said I could buy a QX for a flow hive 2+ In Sumnerb ,it’s a suburb in Brisbane ,

Happy to help. They will deliver if you don’t want to drive to Brisbane.

They are very helpful.



Thanks MatV for that , Dont want to lift my brood frames out with the flow again , Very Nasty mob of bees comes with them ,lol.

Iv been there, my bees wax excessively across the queen excluder on both sides. I have found now the best way to inspect, is open one end and put a block in between the boxes so it is stuck levered up by around 4cm, wait a few minutes, then I can lever the opposite end and all the wax comes away.

Yes good idea ,But I have just come up with an idea to stop that and help the back . I bought a plastic box and pock on top put wooden rails on both inside ends and now ,I take the top off .take out all the honey frames one by one and I can see if they need emptying. I’m then left with the top empty box Just lift that off Then into the bottom broods ,do my checks ,Clean the top box and replace all the flow tubes ,shut it up and all good .

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Yes this is so useful to have also - my spare brood box now has a swarm inside - but it is always good to have one on hand to reduce the overall weight of these when you are carrying out an inspection. Getting a good look over the surface of the Flow Frames is important too.