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Million dollar question..how long before filling up 2 frames and a half?

Hi there…pretty quick one…how long before the hive will fill the remains 2 frames and a half? I am 40km north of Perth, on a nectar flow plus a couple rainy days ahead…the hive is a swarm which filled up the frames (foundationless & wax foundation mix) in a bit more of a month. How does supering this weekend sounds like?? Also…wax foundation and foundationless frames will do??
Many thanks!!

how long is a piece of string? there is no answer to your question- there are way to many variables. Could take ONE day- could take 5 months. Might never happen.


Hi there, yep I am aware I just vocalised my hope to be on time to add the super this coming weekend…the question about which foundation you use on the super still stands…what’s your fave?


I suggest for beginners to use wired frames with foundation. When you are experienced you can experiment with foundationless frames. If you do want to use foundationless right away- at least checkerboard them with foundation frames: one F/L, one with F, on F/l, etc. That way the bees are guided to draw the combs as you want. Google ‘checkerboarding bee frames’…


Yep I have tried the F- F/L alternation on the brood box and works magic!! I just need to see what I’ve left in stock…