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Mine doesn’t work


I had a professional bee keeper come and check it out. My cels do not line up so the bees are not interested in using them. We have tried over and over to line them up but it doesn’t happen. Has anyone else had this problem.


Can you take a photo? Hopefully it isn’t a fake… :thinking:



Curious ! Did you try operating the Flow-frames with your long metal key ?! Both my sets of Flow-Supers came in the open mode … There are several good videos on the Offical Flow-Hive website. I’d check out these before panic mode.

By insert the long key in the top end slot either partly or all the way in n twisting the key down to a vertical position should close the cells. There will be a small gap that you bees :honeybee: will fill/seal before they start filling with nectar.

After trying to operate several time both closing n opening the issue should correct itself. If not … then contacting Flow might be advised. Oh … take several full size n closer up pix’s n post would be helpful.

I’m posting several pix’s of two of my frames in closed n open positions…

Flow stands behind their product so check out the online videos n try working all your frames a few times.

Cheers n good luck,




Oh my … your right … hope she didn’t get one of those cheap non-functioning Chinese fake frames. That would be so bummer.


No I was one of the original investors I paid for mine over a year before they had them manufactured for sales.


I will take a picture in a few days have basketball and birthday parties this weekend.


Even when in the “closed” position there is a gap through the “centre” of the cell. This is what the bees fill out with wax before they can store the nectar. They the “extend” the cell with wax prior to capping.



@faroe, from memory you’ve previously posted information regarding adjusting the wires and setting the frames… Perhaps that might help here?


Hi Jenni,

Sorry you are having issues with your Flow Frames. I’m not sure in which way they are not lining up - photos would help as the others have mentioned.
They do not line up horizontally - they are designed with offset heights to help the caps stay intact when harvesting.
They also have little gaps so that the bees can fill them with wax, and this allows the cells to be split.
Here is a nice photo which shows what the bees have to do first before the bees can start to fill with honey:

This topic is good to read to encourage bees to take to the frames:

To reset the frames, you can see how to do that here, with info, photos and videos:

Fixing bent/misaligned Flow Frames here:

If you have any trouble doing any of the above, just email customer support with some photos and your order number and my colleagues who work in Flow Frame troubleshooting will be able to help you further :slight_smile:


Mine works- all 6 of them.