Mini nuc box thing....any good?

I saw this on ebay and amazon. I discarded it as I could not see how to use it in conjunction with my kit. It’s £8.50 that’s US$10 or AUS$17. So very cheap. It must be a Chinese product. In U.K. we have similar undoubtedly made in China but sold by a U.K. chain for £36 plus

Are they any good. What could a small time beekeeper do with this.

I note the plastic frames look identical to honey comb frames sold all over. I would get 4 of these frames to a national honey super or shallow frame.

I could I think take these plastic frames out of this kit and replace with a wooden case and/ or wax foundation.

I hope this link works…(yes I know I have to read Dawns guide to doing it properly…again.)

Please note the suggestion not to buy it has already been made. And also the suggestion to have fun burning it has been made…and discarded.

You may have to find the forum for this particular product. Nobody here will be able to give you any advice on this.
Has nothing to do with a nuc box thing at all. Sorry.
Good luck.

I can’t see the point of it.
I notice in the description it says solid cedar box whitewashed for a long life then states plastic construction. This tells me where it is manufactured.


Why not just use a standard nuc/hive in a backyard setting? That way all frames are the same confuguration. I can see these being useful if you were raising queens but then you would just make your own.



It’s a mini mini hive that’s all. Buy one and try it out. No reason it wont work. Just a poly hive with miniature frames.

Frankly when the manufacturer says it is made of whitewashed cedar but also says it is made of plastic I would be very cautious. I can’t see any need for it in my bee keeping in any way. I already have a box full of bee keeping junk. :smiley:


Ah, now I see. It’s a mating box for queens. Very cute. I’m just collecting small styrofoam boxes (medical sample boxes) to convert into just that. Thought of building small wooden frames for it. Maybe I just buy them on eBay. Excellent.

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You can buy wooden frames to replace the plastic ones.

I can’t find an instruction on how to use other than graft a queen cell and add a ‘cup full’ of bees. And I guess add some fondant and pollen substitute.

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