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Minimum distance for moving Hives


I have 2 hives I’d like to move 700m and know I have to take them a distance.

I have a place but it’s only 3km as the crow flies. Is that far enough or do I have to go further?
He has a pear orchard thats about to bloom so is suitable.

How long would I have to move them for?

What’s the minimum distance?


3 miles is oft quoted. It can be less if there is some geographical feature in the way of the bees return home. 3 weeks would do it


Hi, I have at least a dozen hives scattered through my neighbourhood which are never more than 1 km away. Whether its luck or something else, I have never found any foragers returning to my place after moving established hives to these sites, the most recent was 400m away. I move only after dark and place branches across the entrance to reset their little satnav’s. Seems to work.