Moisture in early mornings in Super (Flow Frame viewing windows)

Hi - I am new to the forum, so thank you for reading and perhaps replying.

I have 2 Flow 2+ hives, each with two brood boxes. I just put on the Supers (Flow Frames) yesterday. I noticed that this morning on the plexiglass viewing areas on the box, they are covered with a lot of water from humidity.

Question - is this normal and something I should expect in the mornings? If not, is there something I am doing wrong and can correct?

Context - weather we are having in northern California is very strange - its now cool and overcast, but no rain. Its been bouncing between 70 to 85, but now on a streak of lows between 53 degrees F in early morning and warming up to mid 70’s during the day.

Appreciate your time and help - thanks so much. I do love the hives and hope this will be a successful season for the bees in my hive.

Thank you.


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Hi Chris, welcome to the forum. When I see condensation on the viewing window of my observation hive (unoccupied at the moment), my first thoughts are that the bees are de-watering the honey from the previous day, which I think is nothing to worry about. I would make sure that there is no ventilation, other than the entrance. The bees do a great job of recycling air via the entrance. Sometimes when there’s no wind, we get a beautiful lingering smell of honey as a result.

Appreciate the reply and guidance, Jeff. Thank you so much - very helpful. Lost my bees last year (used a traditional hive) - so a bit scarred from the experience! Onward and upward - so much to learn.

Thank you.

You’re most welcome Chris. Stick with us on the forum. We’ll do our best to see that you succeed.

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I have the same effect on my side windows now and then. For example today I had one side that had a lot of droplets, while the other had none. I am thinking it’s because that side doesn’t get as much sun as the other (a neighbouring have throws some shade), so it’s probably just that.