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Mold On Inside Cover


Hive Inspection 20160602

Well, an unhappy second inspection at week four after package installation. Multiple issues encountered. I’ll keep each of these issues in a separate thread for easier future reference and to make it easier for helpful advice givers to respond.

Mold on inside of inside cover.
Used top feeder starting at week one.
I imagine it was the combo of the top feeder and that I covered the hole in the cover with a tile rather than hardware cloth.

Use hardware cloth instead, yes?
But now how do I remediate?
Simply let the cover dry out in place or do I need to bleach it before reusing?
Moreover, what do I use to treat the mold that won’t harm the bees? Vinegar?

Thank you.


Sounds good to me. I use #8 hardware cloth and I normally buy a 10ft or so length from these guys. It lasts for years:

For bee health and honey safety, you really don’t need to do anything at all. For appearance, you can bleach it if you like - spray on a 4% bleach solution and then leave it to dry in the sun. Store in a sunny dry place for about 2 weeks, then you can put it back in the hive. Bees tolerate chlorine bleach very well, as shown by their preference for swimming pools! Four percent is a little higher than I would prefer, but most of the chlorine will evaporate off in a few days, and it kills mold very effectively.


Hi J - I’ve gathered that mold is common in feeders & not terribly harmful as long as you keep it reasonably in check. You can scrub the mold stained area on your inner cover with a mild bleach or vinegar solution and let it dry in the sun. The stains will probably remain but this will def kill the spores. I started adding about a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to 1/2 gal syrup & it helps prevent mold, and the lower pH is better for the bees’ digestion anyway.


I don’t care care about the appearance of the mold, just its potential negative health impact on the bees.

I guess I’ll just brush off what I see and leave it alone.