My bees are moving honey out of the Super

I have a new hive this year and the bees seemed to establish well. I added the Super when the brood box was almost completely filled. The bees started to fill in the Super well and I thought I was about a week away from harvesting and I decided to add a second brood box.
I recently checked my Super and it appears that the bees are removing honey from the Super…it seems to almost be empty now.
Are they possibly moving it all down into the new brood box?

Yes - they know what season it is!

More brood means more food required. The amount of room in a brood box determines how many bees can be raised in that box. The queen can only lay so many eggs in a day. You will find that a full size 10 frame brood box full of bees and honey can support a 7 frame flow super. To add another brood box does not necessarily mean more honey as the expanded population need feeding. That’s where your honey in the super has gone.

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@bigdaddywrites - Welcome to the forum, a bit belatedly on my part! We are in the home stretch to true spring in our region and I hope your bees have made it through winter this far. I have cousins out your way and know that late season cold snaps and snow are still lurking…same for me here in PA and @chau06 in OH :cold_face:

You posted back in August, but I wanted to comment because you got replies that I feel conflict somewhat - even though they’re both essentially accurate. My input would be to always consider your climate when interpreting bee behavior and facilitating their efforts to meet their needs. In our region, late summer is a time when colonies reduce brood rearing in preparation for winter months when there is no forage. They then backfill the brood area with all the available stores - including moving down what they put higher up in a super. This is so they can stay clustered for warmth and have food close by to survive until spring. To help them with this we condense down in fall to only the boxes that are full, and forget about honey harvesting til next year :wink:

You might have already figured that out from what @chau06 wrote, and it’s a moot point to you now, but your observation and how to interpret it will be helpful to others.