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My first AFB positive hive 😩

Unfortunately I’ve had my first case of AFB from a swarm I caught. For now they are blocked in the box.

I’d like to take it to the steritech company in who treat the AFB with radiation.
Problem is, I don’t know how I’d go on about killing the bees in the colony before I take it to them.
I know one way is to put petrol inside but that then makes the hive forever unusable

Does anyone have any ideas on how to tackle this?
@Rodderick I’ve seen a couple of your comments regarding steritech, have you been through this process?

Hi @RaniK, sorry to hear… I only know of two methods… 1. pour a cup of petrol over them… horrendous and messy! or 2. The soapy water method - not ideal but this is method I will use if I come across it.

I have been extremely fortunate so far and have not had to deal with it. I inspected 25 hives over the weekend in different parts of Sydney… Loads of Beetle but no AFB (touch wood)

Yeah very unfortunate mate, it was a swarm from Narellan.

I wonder if fly spray can be washed out of the woodwork?

In NSW you are required by law to inform the DPI so why not do that and go by their advice, chances are you will have an inspector there at you apiary quickly and he will know the best course of action if you explain your a beginner bee keeper with an issue you don’t know how to manage.
Remember your clothing and tools will be contaminated as well.


Thanks @Peter48
I notified DPI within 35 seconds of receiving the results from the lab
To say that I was very disappointed with the response is a huge understatement!

The lady recorded it and told me to “burn it” no more no less, nothing about an inspector coming out. It’s now been 3 days and still not a single call from anyone.

I also contacted one of the main members in my club 2 mins later and informed him straight away.

Today I asked a few local beeks if they’ve received any notification of the disease, guess what. Nothing!

Things could’ve been handled much better by the DPI and the ABA.

Again, very disappointing


I have to strongly agree with you there. Makes me wonder what’s the point of registering your hives with your respective gov body, and being a member of beekeeper organisations.

I find beekeeping organisations pointless for me, so I’m not a member of any, but I do have my hives legally registered with the agriculture department here in WA. I know others that are not registered and is a pity because I heard they are very proactive here in the west. Fortunately I never had to deal with them though.

Very heartbreaking to have to burn your own hive and equipment.

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There is a big break down in communication there if local bee keepers who are registered with the DPI haven’t had a warning email that AFB has been found in there area.
Not telling you that you had the option of having the hive irradiated is strange.
A really sad outcome.

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