My first hive looking for some help please!

i just started my first hive this year and everything was going good but now the bees are building the frames together on the top’s and starting to go crooked. what do i do? can i cut them apart where there are connecting them or ?

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Pictures would help but if the comb is just bridging across the frames but is other wise mostly parallel to the frame then you should be able to cut them apart so they can be lifted out.

Tell us more about your setup - how you got the bees and what kind of frames (with or without foundation) you’re using.

If there is more significant cross comb or full-on crazy comb then you might have more work to do.

i have the flow hive 2+
the frames are the one’s that came with the hive and i had to build so im guessing without foundation.
i bought the bees from a bee company right down the road from me and that was 2 or 3lbs of bees and a queen.
we will be going in the hive again tomorrow to see if it got worse or not so i will try to get some pictures to better show what im trying to get figured out. thanks for any and all help.

Hi Jordan, I also welcome you to the forum…

My suggestion would be to start the bees on foundation. That way everything is built nice & straight, & easy to manage, especially for a new beekeeper.

just so i know what your talking about, you mean like the already built frames?

Yes, you’ll have to research “bee frames with foundation”.


okay that’s what I thought you meant. I will look them up thanks for the tip!