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My first hive removal of 2016 Bee Trapout


This hive has been in this tree for over 3 years. I used #8 hardware cloth to make a cone with an opening at the end big enough for a bee to exit while removing dead ones. Since I don’t know how big the hive is, It’ll probably take a few weeks to complete. If the nuc fills up too quickly, I’ll put another box in it’s place and then combine those bees to one of my other hives. So far they have been very gentle to work with, no suit or smoke needed during my set-up.


Hi Bruce
I was just wondering if your trap out technique is working & where did you find your information on the trap out method. I am about to have a go at one myself & all information to help me would be wonderful. The hive is in a horse stable tree & the owner said I could try to remove them as he is going to kill them if I do not succeed.

    I do not want to see that happen & I could use the bee's to expand


The colony turned out to be quite large, took nearly 3 boxes away full that I added to other hives, before the queen left and entered the last box. I transferred full frames from the last nuc I had on the tree to one of my flow boxes, plenty of brood. I really didn’t expect to get the queen, but was pleasantly surprised I did.

Make a cone out of #8 hardware cloth and nail(roofing nails) it over the entrance. the opening at the tip of the cone should be about the size of your pinky finger. Then look around the tree for other possible entrances and screen them over. After the cone is in place, watch the bees to see if they figure out a way to crawl back inside, any little crack and they will exploit it.

This trapout took almost a full month to complete, afterwards I also sealed the tree to prevent recolonization.

If you need more info, there’s plenty on the web, check youtube, I’m sure there are “how to” videos there…


Thank you heaps Bruce… :relaxed: Another question ?? How do you add the first captured bee’s to your other hives at home.
My biggest problem is I live on a Cattle Station 100 km from Darwin & am unable to contact or talk with other keepers, so am a self taught novice and am also a foundation member of flow hive.



I put a screen between them, with newspaper on top of that. Mainly because the first time I did it, they chewed though the paper quite fast and half the bees flew back to the tree a few blocks away. So adding the screen between the boxes and a feeder on top, I let them sit inside for several days before removing the screen and joining the colonies.


Thank you Bruce for your reply & information. I am in the middle of my first capture & the first week is going well, they are using the box OK.