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My hive swarmed


This hive started in April, only 2 months old and they seem to have swarmed. I have 2 deep boxes. As I was checking I didn’t notice a big difference in bee population, but I did see a new queen, as the one you see in the picture.

I then saw what looks like an open swarm cell.

I was working on this hive a week ago and I didn’t look deep enough to see the swarm cell. It must’ve happened very recently. I couldn’t see any swarms on any trees around my property, however there’s a forest behind my property and they probably found a good spot.


Keep an eye out for more swarm cells. Some hives keep the urge to swarm and will have several cast offs. It would greatly weaken a new hive. If you find more swarm cells you can remove them. If it were a big hive I would say split the hive and endup with 2 or 3 :smile: