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My lure box worked!

I set up two lures in case my hive swarmed and… I don’t think they are my bees as the activity and population seems normal at my hive …but I have a new little colony now! We left town on Friday and got a text from my son saying there was activity at the swarm lure. I had no choice but to wait until yesterday to hive them and found a little nest of five gorgeous white combs the largest about 6 inches in diameter. They had already packed some pollen and nectar in but I couldn’t see eggs and I didn’t look for the queen. I just turned the bees gently into a hive box with foundation and in no time they had made it their own. So even though I just said goodbye to my original queen which I gave away with a full box of bees to my friend, I have a new little second colony to take care of. Having fun!
Interestingly, I don’t think the bees really like the polystyrene broccoli box I used as a temporary box as they had scratched/nibbled away at the surface of part of one wall. There were particles of the polystyrene all over the floor of the box. I was glad to get them out of it.


Wonderful :smile:
Bees are ok in dense poly but they are burrowing insects and will destroy anything flimsy