Needs to move bees to flow house

Hi I’m looking for help. I’m have bees in my garden. And l won’t to by bee hive flow. And move the bees to then/flow. How can I do this


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Hi there,

Others may offer advice here on how to do it but I’m guessing that you have not kept bees before. If that is true then your best bet is to find a local beekeeper who can help you do this. You may have to pay them a little for their services.

Yeah who’d be silly enough to start their first colony with a cut out from a plant pot???
Hiya Natalia, welcome to the forum. Possibly not a good time of year to start messin with bees as a beginner. If you are thinking of beginning beekeeping perhaps get a couple of bee books to read through Autumn and if your still keen after understanding bee husbandry get a hive in winter, paint it and prep the area and be ready for spring. If you’re really keen it appears you have a free colony to cut your teeth with.
Good luck.

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Hello and welcome to the forum Natalia. I would contact a local bee keeper and ask if he is interested in collecting the swarm.
I am guessing you don’t know much at all about bee keeping and you really should have some reading on basic bee keeping before you take on caring for a bee hive.
There is also thing that you must have before you get involved in bee keeping, like a bee suit and gloves, a hive tool and a smoker.
I would suggest you join a local bee keeper group to get to know as much as you can and some hands on experience and then when you feel confident you could then set yourself up with a hive and a colony of bees. A local group might loan or hire out other things that you may need, but don’t be shy about getting involved and asking questions.

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I have two suggestions !

  1. If you can … let colony of bees remain in the flower pot n see if they survive our winter. I’m not sure :thinking: what area of Florida you live in… The northern section can get cool n the more Southern section much warmer n higher survival rate of this colony of bees :honeybee:. If you choose this option study’s Beekeeping, join a bee club n get your equipment to move the colony with help next SPRING (not now) … if they do survive you have bees. Find a experienced mentor to help next year (Spring).
  2. Option: check with a local bee club n/or beekeeper n let them have the colony. Then as others have mentioned… study. Get enviolved with local club n find a mentor n get Beekeeping equipment n a Nuc of bees next Season.

As most have given advice … your not experienced to deal with this cut-out procedure yourself. It takes some advanced skill n experience! One note: are these bees agreesive ?! If so they could be Africanized n you will need HELP immediately!!

Get envolved with local beekeepers n study now no matter which option you choose if you want to become a beekeeper.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:!

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