New queen in new hive split

Hello! I split my strong hive 4 weeks ago after I found queen cells. Yesterday I did my first inspection - I found my new queen which was very exciting! I also saw that the bees have been drawing new comb on the empty frames I put in. I assume she’s been mated as she’s a bit longer looking but that said, she was racing around the frame like nobody’s business and I’ve never seen a queen move that fast. Is it true that virgin queens do this? As far as I could see there was not much in the way of brood on any of the frames, except for a few drone cells. What I did notice though was that the inside of the comb looks shiny or maybe even wet inside. Is this normal or to be expected? When should I inspect again to ensure the queen is doing her job ok? This is my first split so I’m really grateful for any advice or tips :slight_smile:


And no eggs, I assume?

In the picture you posted it looks like fresh nectar in some of those cells.

I agree that your queen does look longer - and yes, young queens can move a bit faster. I have never seen a virgin queen on the comb of a split I have made but maybe because I am not opening them up to look until about a month later.

I’d say give it another 10-14 days or so - you should definitely see lots of eggs, larvae, and probably quite a bit of capped worker brood by then if she’s working. If nothing by then maybe you can just pinch the queen and combine it back with one of your other hives.

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Hi Rosie. That’s a beautiful looking queen & she looks like a mated queen to me.

I keep first inspections very brief because new queens are vulnerable to getting balled & killed, which to my mind could be the reason why she was moving around so fast, to avoid getting balled & killed.

The shiny clean comb could possibly contain eggs, or is ready for eggs to be laid in. The wet stuff inside the cells could be larval food or royal jelly on recently hatched eggs.

I would take a brief look at those frames in a week’s time…


Hello! If anyone is interested in what happened, I inspected my hive last weekend and found brood in all stages. My queen bee has done the most beautifully methodical job of laying her eggs.


Hi Rosie, that’s a great outcome & thanks for sharing that photo.