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New Queen introduced

Hi everyone, its been a month without a Queen. It has been very hard to get a queen with all that is going on in the world.But I have been able to purchase one thankfully.

I have just re queened, there are a good number of bees still but even though I have the super on the bees seemed to have stored nectar in the brood area where the queen would lay.
I was wondering once the queen emerges from the cage in 3-4 days will the bees relocate the nectar so she can lay. or do I need to put a couple of empty frames in now so they can build a new fresh area for her to lay.
(hopefully they accept and don’t kill her, they seemed friendly when I put her in today)
Thanks for your help I’m learning do much everyday.


Hi Ben, don’t worry, the bees will quickly move honey out of the cells they want her to lay eggs in. You’ll recognize those areas by the vast areas of empty cells below the honey arc, accompanied by pollen filled cells in the area of the arc. Don’t look for eggs in frames where a lot of fresh honey is stored. Look for eggs in those vast dry cell areas.


oh awesome!! I’m glad to hear that I was worried she would just leave. Thanks for your reply mate!!

Hi Ben, you’re welcome. Actually the relationship between the queen bee & workers is beautifully illustrated in the video “City of Bees”. You’ll find it on youtube & it’s a great video to learn about “bee culture” from.