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Newbee - advice on starting a beehive

Hi all,

I am new to this. I have been watching Flow Hive for a few years now and they are finally in the UK - so I took the plunge.

The hive it all set up and built with 6 flow frames.

Question - do I need to buy a Nuc or will bees be drawn to the hive automatically? Obviously in the Nuc will be a queen.

Perhaps a silly question but attraction is the name of the game here!

Thank you.

I’m not sure how the beekeeping calendar works for your area but for most of the northern hemisphere outside the tropics, it’s getting late to setup a colony for this year.

If you’re planning for next year then you have plenty of time to read up and research beekeeping as well as get acquainted with your local beekeepers and source bees for next year.

As has often been said, some traditional beekeepers frown upon flow hives so you may want to leave the part about “flow hive” out of your conversation and just discuss deep langstroth beekeeping.

I think some people from the uk have had a bit of a time getting nucs with deep langstroth frames, you can search for converting UK National frames to langstroth in this forum to find out more.


Thank you. Very helpful! :slight_smile: