Newbee Question

So, this will be my second year in “bee keeping” and I have added thee new hives this year. They are doing extremely well but I did see three supersedure cells on a frame (see pic). The new hives are about three weeks old since I placed them in their new brood boxes and they have filled up almost all 10 frames. I just added a second brood box but should I be concerned. I did have a hive from last year swarm this spring so now I’m a bit anxious. Thanks .

Firstly a welcome to the forum, lots of nice people here with good advise and sure you will get help. In your situation I would want to remove the queen cells as a preventative towards the bees swarming. Your adding a second brood box is a positive step.
I believe that a lot of swarming can occur because of overly cramped brood quarters. When I was semi-commercial all the pro’s re-queened each spring as a first year queen was less likely to have the colony swarm.


Curious … is there royal jelly or/eggs in the queen cells ? Are they capped ? Can you see eggs n/or tiny larva ?!