Newbie. Making comb outside the entrance

Howdy. I just put a nuc in a ten frame bread box two days ago. Today a small amount of bees seem to be making comb outside the brood box under the entrance… is this normal?

Hi Craig and welcome to the forum. Don’t worry, all good. They won’t build comb on the outside of the hive, this is the beginning of very small ‘bearding’. They tend to do that on warm days in well populated hives to make it easier for them to regulate the internal hive temperature. What I did notice on your photo is that ypu seem to have a entrance reducer on. If your hive isn’t still a small nuc or from a recent small swarm I probably would widen/open the entrance more

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oh thank u so much! So I just remove that bottom black thing?

Just opened it up. yeah it wasn’t a small nut it was hustling when I inserted it I was shocked lol. Thanks so much. Such a lovely thing to watch and the flow hive itself is just an incredible thing. Love it.