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Nighttime visitor


Checked on my hive early this morning and found this guy having a feast (bees have been bearding lately - I assume because of the high humidity since temps have been cooler than usual). Tried to grab him but he got away, I’ll be coming out again tomorrow night - better prepared :smiling_imp:.


He’s just looking’ for a snack!

Its the circle of life thing…


Wow, big toad! Great photo, thank you!


Looks like the cane toads we get in Australia. They are very bad for the Australian native marsupials etc because they eat everything!


If I were a bee, there would be no way I’d be bearding outside with him /her out there.:slightly_smiling_face:


frog legs, umm umm good


Mission accomplished. J. Thaddeus Toad has been relocated. Unless he finds a motorcar he won’t be coming back. :wink:



Did JT meet Victa???
Always found this yarn most amusing on all levels;

https://m.you tube.com/watch?v=KhihRcwoxr0

frames exhibit graphic violent content built on dinkydi Aussie lingo - content may offend, some.



Best thing for them is some Detol in a spray bottle. They dont last long and there is no unpleasant smell as the decompose.


Yes, we used to use detol as well on our property in northern NSW. But also, putting them in a bag in the freezer. Apparently it’s more humane that way…


I did that once and then let them thaw out, worst thing I ever done. Everything smelt for weeks after we put them in the bin and it wasn’t collected as soon as I thought it would be, lesson learnt.