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No Drones - no capped drone cells


My colony has been very slow to build up this year. One reason could be the weather - apart from an exceptionally hot but short spell of weather, it has generally been colder in the Spring this year.

Another reason could be that I may have done a shook swarm too early - insufficient brood followed by poor weather.

Now in the 3rd week of May the colony has started to build up, and I have a lot of capped brood. And hopefully the colony will soon be large enough to start sending some of the ladies upstairs to the super.

I can’t see any drones, and there is not a single capped drone cell. What’s going on ?

I would welcome any views on this


Bees are doing what they do best. Looking after their own colony first. They won’t make drones until they have plenty of stores and workers. Sounds like you are on track. Just a rotten spring for much of Europe. :blush:

You have 2 more months of nectar, at least. Just be patient. Doesn’t sound like you did anything too bad. :wink:


Hi Adrian
They wont produce drones until they are ready. Factors that will determine this include the overall population of the hive and food available in the environment. They want to be sure they support the hive with drones drawing down on resources. If they are building up the worker brood then I would imagine all is going to plan.


Why did you do a shook swarm?
Did you have efb?