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Not using the full Flow frame

Odd question I’m sure, but yesterday while harvesting and inspecting the flow frames I noticed that one was filled and capped but only a perfect square on the rectangle frame. The outside 10-15 rows were not touched on either side of the frame. What could be the reason behind this? I’ll try to get a picture when I can but I found it odd and fascinating that they filled and capped the middle from top to bottom on either side but left the ends.

Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.


Picture would help. My first thought was that the cells are not completely reset… my bees don’t fill the last couple back columns on the end frames, not sure why either except maybe the plastic bars on the inside of the hive make it too cramped.

Yes, when there’s a particularly sharp shape that’s not innate to a bee hive, it’s usually because the Flow Frame’s not reset properly.

Would love some photos :slight_smile: