Nucs priced to sell: Sunshine Coast Au

I’ve drastically reduced my price on 4 frame nucs with young mated queens on a byo brood box basis to $130, or $120 for 3 or more. We’re also advertising 4 frame nucs with queen cells for $110, or $100. byo bb

We have high performing queens, with good natured hard working progenies.


There’s a small change to my prices. The queen-rite nucs are no longer available at $120 for 3 or more. $130 is currently my bottom line.

My price can change at any time without notice on here. Therefore for anyone interested, PM me for latest price.


This price is a steal in favour of the customer, anyway! Similar nucs are $250 in California, if you even get one at short notice. @JeffH is a gem and a valuable resource for the forum!



Hi & thank you Dawn, we got an order for 10 nucs yesterday. That’ll be a help. I’m hoping for more in order to save me from destroying beautiful brood, if I want to prevent swarming in the coming months.

This has been the best season that I’ve ever experienced. I used my last roof today. My first job in the morning is to make more roofs, so I can do more splits.

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I also have nucs for sale…4 in 10 frame boxes quite well established for $300.

9 in 4 frame boxes for $125…bring your box or pay $150 for a cardboard box transfer.

All doing well