Number of bees in the Flow super

I do have quite a lot of bees working in my super, but I’ve never seen it as crowded as the Flow crew always shows it.

On the other hand I’d wonder if it being that full would make the workers think about swarming and if you might want to add a second super then?

How is your experience with the side view panels? Do you have that many bees up in the super?

Most house bees (not foragers) tend to be photophobic. In other words, they don’t much like bright light. They are the bees responsible for drawing out comb and processing honey that the foragers drop off for them. I find a frame removal inspection far more accurate than the side window, especially if the sun is shining on that side of the hive when you take the cover off. :wink:

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Yet - it should be dark until I open the window and I don’t think they all beam down just that second =).

When I open mine, it looks like in this picture. There are a few girls closing the gaps in the flow frames, but never as many as in the Flow videos.

Or is that because the crew films their hives where the middle frames are already fully capped and the foragers are dropping off nectar on the outer ones?

Beekeeping is all about numbers. You are in the middle of spring, so therefore your colony should be building up numbers, with the view to eventually swarm. Then after that, all going well, your remaining colony can still build up enough numbers to produce a box of honey during a summer honey flow.

You’ll notice in that video quite a few hives. I imagine that Cedar chose the most populous colony to video. If the colony was that strong during the springtime, I would hazard a guess that it would be on the verge of getting ready to swarm, if it wasn’t already doing so.


Agree! When my super looked full from the side window in spring the hive swarmed…luckily I had some help to catch this swarm…

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