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Odd Bee Behavior


So, I checked my bees today and there is a lot of activity. Not to mention there is a lot of flies on my lid. Should I bee worried? Swarming? Robbing? Fly attack?


What did your check reveal?
How many frames of brood? capped, grubs, eggs?
Did you spot the queen? Has she space to lay more eggs?Were there any queen cells?
Are there stores? Pollen, Bee Bread, Honey/Nectar?
You can’t tell whether they are preparing to swarm or have swarmed without that information and neither can anybody else trying to answer your questions.
You CAN tell if they are being robbed by the bees’ behaviour at the entrance and by torn honey cappings.


@Dee has covered the subject but I don’t like the idea of all the flies so while you are checking have a sniff over the brood frames, I am thinking you might have lots of dead brood for some reason and the decaying brood has attracted the flies. You are looking for a dark brown sticky gunk in any of the brood cells that smells off.