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Odd Bee Behaviour

Today on several occasions I observed bees walking around on the landing board and tapping their abdomen up and down on the board as they walked. Only one bee at a time, but always when there were other bees nearby on the landing board.
Can anyone shed light on this behaviour?

Hi @IanA

My only thought is that it could be washboarding - Theories on Washboarding - #8 by RBK

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Hi @Bianca
Thanks for your reply.
The videos I have seen of bees washboarding appear to show the bees head down and working with their mandibles.
The behaviour I observed is clearly with the action at the opposite end of their bodies. :grinning:
Other than tapping the board with the tip of their abdomen they seem to be walking around normally.

We need a honey-bee to English translator. Don’t hold your breath on this one, taps abdomen on couch

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