Strange bee behaviour

Hi everyone,
I’m pretty new to all this and so excited observing the bees antics.
Anyone tell me what’s going on here? I’ve had the nuc about 3 weeks now and the’re happily building comb like mad. Is this bearding? Not really the typical shape of a beard I’ve seen in the books.
Obviously it’s been very warm recently and I thought they might be trying to cool the hive but today is a lot cooler and the’re still at it.
Hope there not going to swarm with it being a new nuc.

They coud be washboarding.

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Hi Daz,
Great shout.
I’ve just looked up washboarding and I’m positive that your right.
The one thing I noticed is that the bees were moving back and forth and with it being a new colony, I’m sure it is.
Looks like there scrubbing the deck :smile::honeybee:
Thanks again Daz.