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Oh golly gee wiz


after being one of the founding members of this company that is now 2 years old and being a supporter that has spread the word, put up videos and pictures to further the success of this company…

I get an email today with a fantastic offer that if I pay the FULL PRICE of a flowhive I’ll get a free smoker…

well golly gee wiz… :astonished:

give me 10 of them !!! OMG!!! :scream:

Cedar and Stu have a personal message of thanks to everyone who has been a part of this extraordinary experience, which you can watch below. (Even though Cedar talks about the Northern Hemisphere Spring, we promise he is thinking of you too.

oh gee… thanks for that personal message for the Southern Hemisphere that was directed at the Northern Hemisphere… I feel all warm and Fuzzy inside…

fair dinkum… why don’t you just slap your founding members in the face… :angry:


I was a bit disappointed in the video, seemed ok at first… but then when it switched to a sales pitch to sell more hives into the US market it lost me.

Would have been nice to see a genuine celebratory video.


Hi Andrew, I think you should be given a free smoker without even buying a flow hive. I forgot, you probably already have one:)


Hiya Andrew I thought the same thing and wrote to Flow through their chat feature on their shop site mentioning the fact that as an existing bee keeper who supported the initial campaign and has also bought a couple of supers from them since where is my incentive to help celebrate as I already have the kit?
To Flows credit they promptly replied.
One thing about Flow is that they DO listen.

As for the video, I’ve not watched it but surely it wouldn’t be unexpected to include a sales pitch?

And good on them for getting through two years producing such an innovative product that was knocked so heavily by so many bee keepers.
Follow your dreams.


Hey, those of us from the Northern Hemisphere are important too! Ya, I thought the same about the free stuff that we obviously would already have. A discount would be better.



What about me? I’ve saved countless people from the Flow Hive. Don’t I deserve a smoker? :grin:


You probably have one, not just the one for bees though! :stuck_out_tongue:


seriously? you’ve ‘saved’ them?

have you ever used a flow hive? What exactly did you save those folks from?

Very glad you didn’t save me…

I have standard and flow hives side by side. I have used both methods. I like my flow hives and just bought 12 more frames. I like my traditional langstroths too- they are cheaper. That’s their main advantage…

Even with the caveats- the hickups- etc- harvesting honey from a flow hive is a doddle compared to ANY other method. For the back yard small time beekeeper- they are a God send.

One of the youtube beekeepers who dissed the Flow Hive the most early on (when he had never even handled one let alone actually used one) made a lot of how easy ‘crush and strain’ and spinning honey are- how there is no real advantage to flow frames. Fiddle Sticks! I have now done all three methods: and there is no comparison.

Recently I took a jar of flow hive honey to our bee society meeting and let a professional honey judge examine it. He couldn’t believe the clarity- given the honey was 100% raw, unfiltered, unprocessed- direct from hive to jar. Extracting that honey was the easiest thing: I just turned a key. There is no comparison to removing a frame, removing the bees from the frame, uncapping the frame, spinning the honey out, filtering the honey, dealing with the cappings- and replacing the frame into a hive.

yes- it is true that for a commercial or larger scale beekeeper flow frames are not ideal. But for the person with just a few hives? I’d recommend flow frames any day of the week.


Hi Jack, the price difference is only a minuscule part of the difference between the 2 frames. You can boil or scorch wooden frames. Wooden frames have proven they can stand the test of time. You can use wooden frames for brood, producing honey or comb honey. Just to name a few of the advantages.

With a little bit of practice, I’ve proven that you can spin out 8 full frames of honey in around 90 minutes. That’s the whole job. Bee suit, smoker, remove, inspect, decap, spin, replace frames & cleanup.


I am not having a go at traditional methods.

And I’m not arguing flow frames are not expensive. I’m just saying for me- flow frames are great- I’m a happy customer.


Whoa, still a touchy subject I see. I put a smiley after my post and everything. Dawn_SD got it.

Saved them from spending $700.00 plus the equipment they’d need to still manage bees when not harvesting, on an impulse buy, because they were infatuated with a video.
I see it many times in my 4-H bee club: Parents enroll their children into the club, not really for the children, but to live out their own infatuation. I’m ok with it because who knows, the kids may actually take interest. The parent(s) tell me all about the new invention they’d discovered (Flow) and how with this, beekeeping is now “for them”. All it takes is a few hot summer days at the 4-H bee yard and they’ve headed for the hills. After a few missed meetings, they say, “beekeeping is just not for us”. I get the same things here at my farm., some stick with it, many don’t.
You see, I saved them: Over $700.00 :slight_smile: 4-H was free, their bee suit was free, and all equipment was free…to them.

Now, I support the Flow to the nay-sayers at my state bee club when I’m in front of experienced beekeepers. If there is one thing I’m against, it’s a closed mind. I know it works as advertised, well almost, and there is no reason for these experienced keeps to “down” it, aside from the expense. It’s a great device for someone that knows they love beekeeping.

Do I have one? No, but a few members from our bee club do and we get to come to their yard and play with it.

Will I have one? Probably not: Our honey and bee product business has really taken off. My crazy “all organic” “no plastics” “nature freak” customers want comb honey, or honey from fresh wax and stored in glass bottles. If they saw honey stored in plastic combs they’d organize a march, start a #notmyhoney, and run to their safe space lol.

It would save me some time though, but I love the added work on my farm and with the bees.

“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” -Theodore Roosevelt


Run to their safe place- :joy:

Sorry if I seemed touchy…

Well- I’ve designed my long hive to hold 4 flow frames- and 20 half frame (ideal) foundationless frames to make pure comb honey in. That way I can harvest flow honey easily- and produce comb honey and wax. Just hope the theory actually works- a bug if at this stage…and other than the plastic of the flow frames I’ve gone for all natural hives- no paint, no glue, hot wax dipped in bees wax and gum rosin. Your organic activists would approve


Lol, I purchased six flow hives all of which looked like they were made from seconds and still got nothing for free! Not even an apology.


Someone from flow might read your comment & reply with an apology.


That’s funny :smiley: seriously :sweat_smile:.
Don’t get me wrong I like the flow frames most days but for the American boxes :pensive:.
We’ve gone back to the standard 10 frame hive.



but they can be oh so heavy when moving boxes… I nearly broke my back lifting one out of the shed this season that was full of honey…

bloody nice honey too… I reckon it edged out the taste of the flow hive… “JUST” …

but I can only afford so much and I can not afford any more flow frames at their astronomical pricing…


I have just purchased two boxes of flow type frames from another country for $95 US…

they look great… :slight_smile: