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One Flow Super to rule them all?


Would I be able to use one Flow Super on 2 different hives in one season?

Here is what I was thinking and because I’m a total newbee it would be great if someone can give me their thoughts :slightly_smiling:
Start up hive 1 with the Flow Super and hive 2 with regular super
Once the flow super is full and has been harvested it gets moved on top of the regular (now full of honey) super on hive 2 and hive 1 gets a regular super to fill up for their winter storage.

Would the bees object? Does it makes sense?



Sabine you would be better off putting 1/2 the Flow Frames in one hive and half in the other, and fill the remainder with normal frames.

You would need to make a small alteration to the hives and make the access smaller but there is no reason why you can’t spread out the Frames


I’m not a woodworker and making alterations myself isn’t going to end well, that’s one reason I was looking for another way


Well run one with the flow and one without?
You could compare the two different methods of extraction :slightly_smiling:


You could always put the Flow frames in a normal Langstroth (and a small eek 1/2" then take them out to drain but not ideal.

When making up your hives leave the back panel lose or just clipped in and take the whole back off the hive when using the Flow - Minimal effort but still a Flow in all respects. You will probably still need the eek.

If you were going to do that I would suggest 2 metal supporting bars on the top and bottom of the back wall for strength, similar to the one on the Flow Box. an some sort of handle to pull the back cover off with.


Here are the instructions for modifying a Langstorth box - http://www.honeyflow.com/faqs/modifying-a-langstroth-box-for-flow-frames/p/143#a1

The other option is you buy 2 x Hybrid Cedar 3 Frame - http://www.honeyflow.com/shop/flow-hive/flow-super/p/132