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Open BeeHive Cam (s) Videos of Mine & Your's


I just 2 days ago noticed this BeeHive after 50mph+ winds over night pulled a Tall plant away Exposing what I can only imagine took quite awhile to develop / build.

I have a bunch of Avocado and Citrus Trees that have been Epic the last couple years on their own (I thought)

Well now I’m trying to decide what to do with them:

(1) Move the whole mess to a place close by and set in a tree

(2) have a BeeKepper take the whole mess away

(3) Build / Buy them a regular Home and locate somewhere around my property

(4) Build them a Home against backyard fence with the in / out door exiting to the neighbors yard

(5) Get advice from others


AnyWay here are my little Sting Machines working for a living in front of their own Camera

Day --> https://youtu.be/m7b07fm_LtY

Night --> https://youtu.be/2A_38Raot7s


If you like the challenge of keeping bees then why not enlist the help of beekeeper to put them into a managed hive for your farm. They have probably been quietly cross pollinating your avocado and citrus giving you a wonderful crop. Keep them local and happy and they shall provide you a reward.


I’m not sure if I’m up to what’s involved

My farm is but a house on a nice lot in the city 50’ X 110’ I don’t want to have to Keep Out of any part of my yard

thought about on roof But my AC is Skylights that open

Not sure I want to have something around that “Could” turn on me for whatever reason that I might not be able to defend

I know how much Good they have done & have no idea if there are any to fill in if these live someplace else ?


You will be surprised how close you can keep bees in a suburban yard, there is maintenance required and of course you need to think twice when using any noisy or vibrating machinery like lawnmowers but with a new queen installed, your bees can be very docile. At any rate, a beekeeper or beekeeping club should be able to remove them for free and they will go off to a new home.