Packing sugar into comb

Has anyone tried this?

Any feedback? Seems like a good way to get a whole lot of sugar in. Do the bees eat it and store it as honey somewhere else like with syrup or do they leave it be like it was capped honey?

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@Doug1 did I see you do something like that?

I think he puts sugar syrup into empty stickies, but I haven’t seen him post about granulated sugar or pollen :blush:

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Interesting you ask that Eva…and Dawn_SD is correct in that I have only sprayed sugar syrup into the frames.

I think there is a good chance of the bees…in working the cells filled with sugar granules… knocking some down into the hive and wasting the sugar. If you could leave the frames, which have been filled with sugar, outside for a length of time to absorb ambient moisture and fuse the sugar granules, there may be less wastage.

Also in climates like mine, there isn’t enough available moisture (absolute humidity) for the bees to work it during winter unless moisture is added to their environment…which I’m doing. It may work better in a more humid climate. So I’ll post some photos the next few weeks of bees working dry sugar I intend to feed them…if I meet with success.

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I think in this video the sugar is already moistened - I assume it would harden after being left out…

Never assume, do the experiment and then tell us the results! Please??? :wink:

In the video she puts it in a dehydrator - I guess what I am assuming is that leaving it in a dry room will work, just slower…

It’s also worth noting that the moisture came from cider vinegar.