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Perth company grows one million trees with hopes of establishing lucrative manuka honey industry


Hiya schening, yep it’s branding marketing. It’s a great product to put on your cuts and burns. :wink: The UMF factor is probably more about how much it’s mixed with other honey sources.
Taste wise Manuka isn’t sought after but it is good for you, like most honeys… Is it worth the cost, I don’t think so, I’d go Jarrah http://www.jarrahhoneyinfo.com/ or Marri http://marrymehoney.com.au/marri/ any day but then I am West Australian and bias. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you. I read about the cuts and burns part. Is that just more marketing?


No, not all marketing.


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I split about 50 Australian native bee hives this spring. The only one that had not developed enough to survive a split was in an area which already had about 20 Flow Hives and then a further 20 were moved in.(radius 20 mtrs) It could have been a coincidence but I feel that the introduced honey bees are a threat to the native bees.