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Perth (WA, AU) Flowhives and honey flow

That’s an impressive set of numbers if you ask me @ABB. Mr Frydenberg would be over the moon with a balance sheet like that.

Never thought about removing my super. I thought leaving it there about half full is sensible over winter. Am I doing something wrong here?

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Not really. It is just a way I do it currently. I have two brood boxes in each hive and the top brood box acts as a food storage for the winter time.
I haven’t seen any increase of honey in supers for three weeks and with cooler nights they work more as moisture condensers than anything else. So I took them off for detailed check and clean up. I also think they will be less mouldy when spring time comes if stored separately.


depends on whats flowering, if its too hot, and who the queen mates with, if hes a nice or bad boy male bee
ive found the more nasty the queen, better the producer she is
if my queens are docile and calm, usually just average output of honey from the girls

The best hive i had was one of the most nastiest queens my mate of 20 yrs bee keeping has seen…she was truly savage, but the amount of honey i got out of that hive was phenomenal

just my experience


Did my last inspection for the (long) season before packing the hive down for winter.

Stores of both honey and pollen are reasonable. Probably the equivalent of 2 and a bit frames of pollen, 3 to 4 frames of brood or eggs and the rest mostly honey (with some empty space). I also managed to get a shade over 3 full flow frames for harvest, which is what I had been expecting given what I observed in the last harvest.

No drones to be seen and bee numbers down (both as expected given the time of year).

Last winter bee numbers were a little higher so I left the hybrid super on. This year I’ve packed it down to only a brood box and removed both the hybrid super and full flow super. Subject to weather I’ll aim to do my first inspection for next season late July or early August, as I anticipate having to put a super on my mid to late August.

Thankfully I’ve got 4 traditional frames full of honey so I can just monitor the weight of the hive and if I need to I can feed those frames in (or I can squeeze 9 frames in the brood box like I did a couple of seasons ago). (The frames are now in the freezer… No wax moth for me, please!)

The season itself was pretty good… Just a pity I had the issue with the excluder and ended up with brood in flow frames. Live and learn.


Batten down the hatches! The storms are coming!

Fake news Fred… I had more wind on Friday night… Possibly the real wind and rain never made it onto the scarp.

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