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New to Bee Keeping in Esperance WA


Hello Beekeepers in South East WA. Looking to learn all I can about the little critters, their habits and how to look after them. Is anyone in Esperance able to assist?
Chris Oversby


Hi Chris, and welcome. I’m not in Esperance but I’m in WA (Perth) and happy to give my 2c if you’ve ever got a question. The are a few people on this forum from the southwest so hopefully they say hi. There’s a local-ish Perth group that many from around the state actively participate in so you might want to check that out.

(The thread has over 750+ posts over the last two years. The link below will take you to the first post. If you want to jump closer to the end change the number 1 to 750 when you copy and paste the URL. I’d suggest taking the time to scroll through the posts though, as you’ll likely find it beneficial)


I’m a couple of hours south of Perth so happy to talk WA Beekeeping too. There is an active group on the south coast based around Albany (I know it is many hours west of you, but the closest I know). RippleFarm is probably the closest store front to you near Albany with some great products and helpful advise.



Thanks guys. I’ve managed to find a Bee Whisperer in Esperance to help us get started but will definitely be asking for and sharing info going forward.