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Last season experienced heaps of problems with Small Hive Beetles.
So early this year decided to do something about it. As I use ant capping under my base boards, the idea came to mind to make a reverse ant cap that I fit between the base board and the brood box.
In the past I was spending heaps on apithor traps as well as cooking oil in the base tray.
This was a messy system and I wanted to change it and save heaps.
I have been testing this system for the last months of summer this year and I am very happy with the result. I call the system the “Beetle Eliminator”2019-07-09T14:00:00Z



Hey John, Is your location the Lawson in NSW?
I love the simplicity of your ‘beetle eliminator’. Is that ‘spot welding’ I see in the pics? You’ve obviously had a problem with SHB and a well made solution mate.
I lived at Richmond in the Hawkesbury area and homes were built back then on brick piers with a gal metal cap on the top under the timber work to stop white ants and other crawlies getting into the houses.

Hi Peter,

Yes I am from Lawson and am a member of the Blue Mountains Bee Club.

I have introduced the Beetle Eliminator at our monthly meeting last weekend and no doubt it will be promoted by them.

I retail them for $40 plus postage in either 8 frames or 10 frames.

I have only just started making them and have stock.

John Hendriks


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