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Plant blindness - are your blinkers up?


Jeff, really a treat to watch, thanks again for the videos! I really could watch wildlife all day. It is too bad about the non-natives…LOVE the bird thread idea Skeg! If I ever figure out how to upload vids I can post some of the goldfinches, chickadees & titmice that are working over my sunflowers & cosmos right now. They kept my veggie garden clear of beetles all summer & probably ate a few of my strawberries, but I considered it a tip for their services.


As much as I love cats, their predation of songbirds is a real problem! Have you seen BirdsBeSafe collars? They’re basically brightly colored ruffs to fit around a cat’s neck - which is pretty comical and perhaps less annoying than a bell - to ward off birds as soon as the cat approaches, since birds see colors very well.


I haven’t Eva, thanks, but I don’t own any cats & wouldn’t have them here at all (even if I did want one), if anything I think an outdoor cat run is probably a good way to go. We have spent a lot of time trying to create habitat for native animals. We also have a large feral cat population & the cats that are an issue on my property are an example of owners who really don’t care enough about their pets to stop them from ending up becoming feral. There are 4 cats who regularly (every day/night) ‘visit’ our property & I’m pretty fed up. I have to say that since my dog recently died they have become much more bold in their excursions. I don’t think I’ll have much success with the traps because I don’t think they are hungry, they’re following their instincts to hunt.


UK Beeks can download a tree ID App from Google Play


My wife ust found a couple of the eucalypt books in a charity shop. Not cheap cheap but still relatively cheap. Just sad the west australian one wasnt there.