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Plant selection

He guys im new here and may have what seems like a silly question.

I have seen a number of examples where honey flavour is at least in part determined by local plant types. Presumably the pollen flavours the honey?

In your experience is it possible to plant your backyard with specific plant types to flavour honey. Or is it the case that bees flight range is much broader and therefore the surrounding areas has more effect on flavor than your local planting scheme?

Depends how big your yard is!

Bees forage over a very large area - unless you have an large blooming orchard or many planted acres without anything else in the vicinity (like an island or nectar oasis) the honey will be flavored by the surrounding area.

Nevertheless, it is good to plant a variety of blooming plants for native bees and for other species that may not forage as widely.

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Not really. Pollen does have a flavour, but it isn’t the main thing that makes honey taste of specific things. The plant itself will put certain aromatics into the honey, and that is what gives it flavour.

As @chau06 says, your backyard (garden) will usually not have much effect on the taste of your honey. :wink: