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Pollinator House installation in the garden suggestions?



We have built our new Flow Hive Pollinator house, coated it with tung oil, and are ready to install it in the garden. Does anyone have any suggestions how to secure it in the garden? The Flow Hive photo shows a 4"x4" wooden post mounted underneath it, but it also has a hole in the back to mount it with a screw to something. Thought I’d get some ideas before proceeding.
Thank you,
Tina in Texas


You will probably get mostly mason bees in your box, so I would follow the instructions in this nice little guide:

As a bit of extra insight, we once had a mason bee build a nest spontaneously under the eaves of our house in southern California. She chose an east-facing location about 10 feet above the ground, right next to the eaves. :wink:


Thank you! This is a very helpful guide. Yes, most likely mason bees will be interested. :slight_smile: