Pollinator positioning

Just a question re: pollinaters. How close to my hive can I place my new pollinatorđź’“ please.
Cheers to all.
Thank you.

I don’t understand the question.

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What is your concept of a pollinator?

A honey bee is a pollinator. A butterfly is a pollinator. A hummingbird is a pollinator. Mason bees, carpenter bees and blue bees are all pollinators. A brush held by a human (or a robot) can be a pollinator too.

I share @JeffH’s confusion, please clarify. Thank you!


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Pollinator “house” I believe I was ment to have mentioned. Sorry for your confusion

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Our flow pollinator little house is just 10m away from from my hives to the south and 10m away from my hives to the north. They don’t interfere and all pollinators seem to mind their own business.
Just put it where you can observe them best. It’s good fun!


Thank you Webclan. I am thinking of two. One out near the flow hive. And another out in my native front garden.
Kind regards

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