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Propolis identification


how can you tell the difference between bees wax and propolis in the hive? Tom



Good question bro… Propolis is normorally the sticky brownish/rusty stuff the the bees add to crack, seams, top of frames n other places to help seal out the Wx. The wax is usually opac n near clear to cream color when new n fresh. Bees build their honeycomb out of wax n propolis is bee glue on everything !

Bees only build the comb out of wax not propolis. Sometimes bees can get creative n build their waxy comb other than in the frames like above frames n sometimes in the attic area or sideways between frames if the frame gaps for bridges or between the brood (lower) frames n honey super frames.

Thankz for that excellent question. Other maybe add to my try at an answer too. Keep the questions coming … we’ll try our best to give you an answer quickly.

Happy beekeeping,